The exhibition of “Vibrations of the Universe” is officially open in Musee Terrus. I am so happy and honoured to have this opportunity to present myself and my works in the museum of the region, where many famous fauvist artists, such as Matisse, Signac and Derain lived and created. 

I received such a warm welcome on the vernissage from the Mayor of Elne, Yves BARNIOL, and the Delegate of Culture, Monique GARRIGUE-AUZEIL who started the vernissage with their presentation speeches. I didn’t expect so many visitors on an opening day, but it was really great to see all of them and to meet local artists as well.

When Monsieur le Maire passed the microphone for me to greet the visitors, I started with a speech prepared at home. But seeing so many friendly faces of people enthusiastic about my work, I felt connected with all of them. So I just talked to them and told about the process of my work and what it means to me. It was a great experience and thank you for creating that atmosphere of presence in the museum.

The exhibition is now open for three months presenting 2 of my latest series of paintings “Vibrations of the Universe” and “The Picardy and Normandy Landscapes“. Having the opportunity to show my works in the museum leaves a completely different aftertaste than the commercial exhibition.

When I moved to Elne a year ago, I didn’t know anybody in the region and have never exhibited here. So I decided to introduce myself to the Delegates of Culture of the town and invite them to my art studio to show the paintings. It was a good decision, and I am very grateful to the municipality of Elle for their support and to everyone who helped me with organisation and media coverage and made this exhibition happen.

Some photos from the exhibition vernissage are below and if you happen to be in the area before May 15, you can see the exhibition in Musee Terrus with your own eyes. I hope you enjoy it.