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“Your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”  Vincent Van Gogh

It’s also something that you don’t have a freedom to choose. It chooses you. Of course, you can resist and deny. But if you are open to it and willing to take risks, work hard and follow that passion of yours with all the strength of your heart, it can take you very very far. You don’t meet people who have the courage to follow their dreams very often. So knowing them and hearing their stories is always an honour and huge growing experience for all of us. Please, meet the artist Ararat Petrossian and embark on a journey of discovery of visual expressions through the vibration of colours, textures and forms.

Artist Ararat Petrossian

The process of drawing has always been something that gave Ararat joy and was his emotional and creative outlet. First, he started copying illustrations from books. He was fascinated by mythology, heroes and epic scenes. Growing up in a small Armenian town surrounded by wild and scenic nature, soon he got immersed in the power and creative energy of waterfalls and mountains, forests and meadows. He started painting in oil, capturing everything that he saw around him. That connection with Nature that Ararat felt as a little boy is still supporting him now.

Although he knew that being an artist was his calling from very early on, it wasn’t until he was 30 that he had the opportunity to study art in an academic environment. He already had an MA in architecture from Yerevan Polytechnic University and a job as an architect in the town council. But he couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he’s not in the right place. So he left everything behind and moved to Sankt-Petersburg to study at the Repine Academy of Fine-Arts. His studies then took him to Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon allowing Ararat to further develop his techniques and vision and immerse himself in the world of conceptual and contemporary art. In both Sankt-Petersburg and Lyon, he had opportunities of working with and learning from great masters and talented peers.

25 years later, he still lives in France, that has long become his home. Living in Paris was his childhood dream and he saw it come true. For a while, the bustling creative aura of the city energised him. Ararat became the member of Association of Artists of France, his works were getting exhibited around the Europe and the USA. He kept evolving as he was exploring new depths of existence and developing his personal spiritual practice, and so did his works. Some of his most well-known paintings come from the Parisian period of his life.  Ararat explored and experimented with metarealism, gestural abstraction and symbolism and then immersed himself in the world of lucid dreams. You are welcome to view the paintings of that period in the Portfolio.

At some point, Ararat realised, that the same energy of the city, that was nourishing and boosting his creativity, started draining him. The Nature that was the big part of his early life was calling him back. He moved to Picardy and that started a completely new period of his life. The endless landscapes, the power of the ocean, calling of seagulls in the morning, it was a whole new world. Landscapes of Picardie and Normandie come from that period.

And now, he lives in the lovely town of Elne in Languedoc-Roussillon region that has welcomed him 2 years ago. His last exhibition was held here at the Museum of Impressionism Terrus where he presented two of his latest collections of paintings “Vibrations of the Universe” and “Landscapes of Picardie and Normandie“.

My works have been affected by the places I lived and people I met, my teachers and great masters of the past. But first of all, the process of my work has always been spiritual research into my true inner nature bringing my mind to a state of oneness with all existence that expresses itself through me. The main source of my inspiration is Nature with all its complexity, and the oneiric world revealing itself through some of my works is a part of it. 

Most of my works are created using traditional media and techniques, such as canvas, paper, cardboard, painted with oil and mixed media, I explore the structure of textures, collages of different materials, the vibration of colours through several layers of paint to create new compositions. I hope that through my paintings I was able to bring to you that sense of deep presence and connection with nature that flows through me in the process of work.
Ararat Petrossian

I invite you to take a journey through the periods of Ararat’s creations in Portfolio. The list of his personal and group exhibitions is also available in the exhibitions section of the website. In the blog, Ararat is sharing news about his projects and coming exhibitions as well as stories that inspire him and give some food for thoughts. You can also see Ararat’s art on silk scarves on Aithne website.

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